Emmanuel Baptist Church
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." - Rom.10:17

We are a Christ-centered, biblically grounded, ethnically diverse people called to personal discipleship in Christ; and we are bound together by our common faith in Jesus Christ - the only hope for mankind.

Our commitment to Jesus propels us to lead healthy spiritual lives; to nurture authentic relationships with one another; to engage every member in hands-on ministry; to transform our communities, our nation and our world; and to speak the truth. Together we are building faith, fellowship, family, and our future.

Our Purpose
Why We Exist As a Church

The purpose of our church is based on two key scriptures: "we believe that having a great commitment to the Great Commandment (Matt. 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20) will grow a great church!"

As a member of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches (AIBCJ) we seek the fellowship of churches holding the same beliefs and convictions as set forth in our Articles of Faith, and taking a similar stand against modernism and apostasy.

Mission Statement
We exist to lead people to love God, love others, serve and reproduce, so that they will become fully developed and devoted followers of Jesus Christ and impact their communities and beyond ... building faith, fellowship, family and a future.

Our Vision
The vision of our church is to:
• Share the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of our communities.
• Create a vibrant local fellowship through compassionate life-changing ministry that reaches beyond Kingston 8 and to the ends of the earth.
• Impact the spiritual, social, political, corporate and educational arenas of our country.

EBC Organizational Chart

At the head of our organization is God, and as a church, our main objective is to consult with Him on all matters. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

EBC org. chart

Our Staff Members

Emmanuel Baptist Church is blessed to have the following members of staff working in our church office:

pastor photo

Michael Bernard

Pastor Mike - Faithfully loving and shepherding the flock of God and supervising the functions of our church and school since January 2012.

Email:  mbernard.ebc@ gmail.com
Phone: (876)­ 990-5574

admintr photo

Stephenie Petrekin

Mrs. Petrekin - Carefully maintaining financial integrity, and overseeing the business operations of the church office since 2017.

Email:  spetrekin.ebc@gmail.com
Phone: (876)­ 905-3204

admin asst photot

Delores Cathnott
Admin. Assistant

Mrs. Cath. - Cheerfully attending to the needs of others and the organization, and ensuring the smooth flow of operations  (2006 - 2017).

Email:  emmanuelbaptist@ cwjamaica.com
Phone: (876)­ 905-3204

office attdnt photo

Jennifer Scott
Office Attendant

Mrs. Scott - Dutifully assisting in various activities, and maintaining the environment of the church and office since 2008.

Phone: (876)­ 905-3204

Our Deacons

The following men are currently serving faithfully on the Deacon Board of our church.

  1. Deacon Harold Granston
  2. Deacon Mark Thorpe


The qualification for the office of Deacon shall be such as are prescribed and set forth in the New Testament (Acts 6:3; 1 Tim. 3:8-13).

Only male members who are 21 years and over and have been members of our church for at least two years shall qualify for election to the Deacon Board. They must be in complete agreement with the Articles of Faith, Covenant, and the Constitution and By-Laws of Emmanuel Baptist Church.

EBC's Board And Committees

Our Board Of Directors

Members on our Board of Directors:

Mr. Michael Bernard   -    Pastor and Chairman
Mr. Philip Harvey-Lewis
Mr. Garth Watson
Mr. Harold Granston

Our Committees

Our church currently has 12 committees, these are:

• Audit (Internal)         
• Care
• Church Council
• Finance
• Hospitality
• Junior Church
• Music & Drama         
• Nominations
• Prayer & Fasting
• Property Management
• Sunday School
• Ushers/Greeters

You may read more about the functions of our Board of Directors and about our various Committees in the EBC Constitution [PDF file].

We believe in servant ministry with, and to, all ages.
The ministerial and program staffs are called to lead, recruit, teach, and train people to do ministry; but we believe every Christian is called to be a minister.

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